The Allen Law Group, P.C. can draft a Will for you to ensure that your possessions and assets are protected and are left to the special people in your life. A thoughtfully drafted Will ensures that your personal possessions and assets are left to exactly whom you want and can avoid fighting within a family over your estate. A Will also provides for whom you want to care for your minor children by identifying a chosen Guardian.  This protects your children and helps to avoid a court battle over who should have custody of your children after you pass.

A carefully drafted Will helps provide you with the peace of mind in knowing that your final wishes will be respected; helps to avoid conflict within a family; provides for the safety and security of your loved ones; and saves time and money in court during the probate process.  Also know that if you pass without a Will, which is called intestate, that the Court will pass along your estate to the next of kin according to Massachusetts law, which may not reflect your wishes and could result in your heirs having a sizeable tax burden.

Attorney Aaron E. Allen of the Allen Law Group, P.C. is an experienced Estate Planning Attorney who looks out for the best interest of you and your family. At the Allen Law Group, P.C. Your Family Matters!

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