Child Custody

Child Custody

Divorce, separations and breakups can be a very difficult time for everyone and they can be even more difficult if there are children involved. In cases involving minor children the court must decide which parent the child will live with, who will make the major decisions for the child, how much child support should be paid, as well as the visitation rights of the non-custodial parent.

Under Massachusetts law, there are two types of custody recognized:

  • Legal Custody - The person who makes the major decisions about the children as well as the one who holds access to important documents, records, and contacts.
  • Physical Custody - The person whom the children live with the majority of the time and makes most of the day to day decisions regarding the children.

There can be two types of both legal and physical custody including:

  • Joint Custody - Custody agreement in which both parents share custody of children, although it does not always have to be equal.
  • Sole Custody - Custody agreement in which only one parent has been designated the primary custodial parent with physical custody, legal custody or both. The court may also grant visitation to the other parent.

Each individual case is different and each requires a child custody agreement tailored to meet your specific needs. An effective child custody agreement will not only outline which parent gets physical and legal custody, but will also outline the details of each parent’s role in making decisions regarding the best interests of the children.

The attorneys at Allen Law Group, PC have the skill and know-how to handle even the most difficult child custody cases. With over eighteen years of experience practicing family law on the North Shore and Greater Boston areas of Massachusetts they fully understand what factors the courts take into account when deciding the custody of a child. Courts will look at several factors including:

  • Parental relocation
  • Mental and physical state of the child/ parents
  • Ability of a parent to provide for the child
  • Effects on the child’s education
  • Child’s established living pattern
  • Child’s preference
  • Situation specific factors

The attorneys at Allen Law Group PC will support your best interest while also working with the best interest of your children in mind. We understand the importance of focusing on your children. The choices you make now can affect your child for the rest of their life. It is our goal to reach an agreement that is suitable for you as well as the children involved. We provide aggressive representation along with empathy and understanding of the delicate situation you are in.

Child custody modification can be obtained if there has been a material change in circumstance since the time the original agreement was made. The lawyers at Allen Law Group, PC will help you revisit your original custody agreement and work to make modifications that better fit the needs of your current family situation.

Our lawyers are committed to providing personalized and compassionate service along with the assertive approach we must take to get results. If you are looking for a lawyer that will keep the best interest of your child in mind, while also taking a strong stand to ensure there is a fair parenting plan in place, then call the attorneys at Allen Law Group, PC today to schedule your free consultation!


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