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Attorney Allen

Attorney Allen

Attorney Aaron E. Allen is an experienced trial attorney who has been practicing law throughout Massachusetts for over eighteen years. Attorney Allen specializes in representing individuals and families in all aspects of family law, including divorce, child custody, child support, modifications, removal, division of assets, abuse prevention issues and care and protection matters among many others. He also has extensive experience representing individuals and businesses offering comprehensive counsel and guidance in multiple areas of law including civil litigation and construction and business matters. Attorney Allen is a member of the Committee for Public Counsel Services’ Children and Family Law Practice and Appellate Panel representing families in matters involving the Department of Children and Families.



TIME FOR CHANGE? If you have a Divorce Agreement or a Custody and Parenting Agreement there will come a time when the terms of that agreement require a review. Circumstances and family dynamics change, the children get older and have different needs, or perhaps you or your ex-spouse / partner have a change in job or career. All of these can result in the need to modify your existing agreement. Child support, child custody, and parenting time are all issues that may require a modification over time. As a Divorce and Family Law attorney with over 18 years’ experience, Attorney Allen can help modify your existing Agreement to fit the changing dynamics of your family. Attorney Allen can take you through a review of your existing child support order to determine if an adjustment is needed due to it being years since it’s been in effect, a change in employment, or just a change in income since child support was last reviewed. Having trouble working with an ex to adjust the parenting plan due to the children getting older, having changing schedules, and needs? Attorney Allen can help reduce your stress and take you through the process of modifying the parenting schedule so it works for your current family dynamics. There’s no need to continue stressing out and fighting with your ex-spouse / partner over these issues. Attorney Allen of the Allen Law Group, P.C. specializes in family law and helping to get your family back on track. Call Attorney Allen at (978) 219-9694 or contact him at to set up a consultation and discover how to reduce the unnecessary stress in your life!

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